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Upright Piano

There are four basic types of Upright Pianos, Spinet, Console, Studio and an Upright Piano. All types are based upon the Upright pianos height. The average width of any type of Upright Piano is approximately 5 foot and the depth varies between 20 to 30 inches.

The height of an Upright Piano is measured from the floor to the top of the piano lid.Taller 48″ to 52″ Upright Pianos produce a better sound quality because the soundboard is larger and the strings are longer. The floor space required for a Used Upright Piano is 5 foot wide by 44″ to 54″ deep, including 2 feet for the bench.

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Yamaha Upright Piano For Sale

Yamaha U1

yamaha upright piano

Yamaha Upright Piano, Model U1, 48″ Tall in polished ebony.

yamaha u1 upright piano

Brand New Yamaha Upright Piano. Made in Japan.

yamaha model u 1 upright piano

Book a Private Appointment Today to Come play and compare the Yamaha U1 Upright Piano. Set Up a Video Call. Request More pictures or a video tour of any piano to be emailed to you.

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steinway upright piano

Used Upright Piano For Sale

Authentic Steinway Upright Piano

steinway upright pianos

1998 Used Steinway Upright Piano, Model 4510, in Satin Ebony.

upright pianos

Come play this Steinway Upright Piano with an Accelerated Action.

used upright pianos

Compare Used Upright Pianos side by side. Feel and hear the difference yourself. New York Retail Price would be $38,999 if this Original Steinway Upright Piano were brand new. Asking Price is $10,990 OR Make an Offer and Buy Online. Set Up a Video Call we would enjoy meeting you. Select Steinway Harp for Specifications & info on

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Yamaha Upright Piano

Yamaha U3 Upright Piano

yamaha upright piano u3

Yamaha Professional Upright Piano, Model U3, 52″ Tall.

used yamaha upright pianos for sale

2017 Yamaha Upright Piano. Handcrafted in Japan.

upright pianos for sale

Set Up a Future Appointment Time to play, feel and compare these virtually New Upright Pianos side by side. How long, since you played a New Upright Piano or Felt the Touch of a Brand New Action. Call for a Same Day Appointment Time or submit the Schedule an Appointment form.


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boston upright piano for sale

Boston Upright Piano

Performance Edition Boston Upright Model 126

boston upright piano

Performance Edition Boston Upright Piano, Model 126, in polished ebony.

used boston upright piano

Measures 49½″ Tall by 59¼″ Wide.

upright piano boston

The Performance Edition Boston Upright Pianos use Steinway Patents in their construction.

used upright piano for sale

Designed by Steinway & Sons. Come play the Performance Edition Boston Upright Piano that shares the DNA of Steinway.

Mint‡, bench, warranty and a ten-year trade-up. New York Retail Price: $13,900. Make an Offer. Select Boston for Specifications.

upright piano
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essex upright piano for sale

Used Upright Piano for Sale

Essex Upright Piano - Designed by Steinway

essex upright piano

2016 Essex Upright Piano, Model EUP 116, French Formal design.

essex upright pianos for sale

Purchased new in Scottsdale, Arizona. One Owner.

essex used upright piano

Mint Condition 3-year old upright piano in brown cherry, matching bench. Make an Appointment to Play this Like New Upright Piano. Save Thousands compared to Regular Prices. Warranty & 10-year trade up. Select Essex for piano specifications.

used upright pianos           essex upright pianos


Yamaha Upright Piano For Sale

Yamaha B2 Upright Piano

yamaha upright piano b2

Yamaha Studio Upright Piano, Model B2, 43″ Tall, 59″ Wide by 21″ Deep.

yamaha used upright pianos for sale

2017 Yamaha Studio Upright Piano is Like New.

upright pianos for sale

Request an Appointment Time to come play, compare and decide which is the Best Upright Piano for you.

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