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New Pianos and Used Pianos for Sale

Since 2003, Piano Gallery Scottsdale AZ, has offered New Pianos & Used Pianos for Sale. Select a Player Piano, Baby Grand Piano, Upright Piano, Grand or Concert Grand Piano. We always have a large selection of Fine High Quality Used Pianos for Sale that are Traded In for New Steinway Grand Pianos.

Piano Gallery is the Factory Authorized Dealer for Steinway and Sons Piano, for the State of Arizona. We are also the Scottsdale AZ Piano Dealer, for the Performance Edition, Boston Piano and Essex Piano – Designed by Steinway & Sons. New Pianos are Dealer Prepped.

Buy a Piano With Confidence

Every New & Used Piano, Piano Gallery has for Sale include a Warranty & a 10-Year, Full Price Paid, Trade Up Plan. Pre Owned Pianos & Trade-In Pianos must pass inspections performed by Piano Technicians. Pianos are Professionally detailed, cleaned, prepped, tuned, regulated, voiced, & Tech Certified.

Steinway Pianos are Certified Authentic Steinway & Sons Pianos with Authentic Steinway Soundboards, Wrestplanks, Pinblocks, Actions – All 12,000+ Parts. – A Genuine SteinWay – Not a SteinWasz – E.g. Steinway soundboards, wrestplanks, pinblocks & trademark logo decals are Not available for sale, not even to Steinway Dealers.

Restored - Re-built - Steinway & Sons Piano

If the parts used to restore a Steinway Piano are not 100% Steinway, then the piano is not a 100% Authentic Steinway piano. The pianos performance is compromised and the pianos value is substantially less then an Authentic Steinway Piano restored with 100% Genuine Steinway parts.

If you own a Steinway Piano and would like to restore or re-build it to a Genuine Steinway Piano Contact Us for information about the Steinway and Sons Factory Restoration Center options, restoration time frame and different prices.

Buyer Beware

Just because it says Steinway & Sons on the fallboard - Doesn't always mean it's an Authentic Steinway Piano on the inside.

Steinway & Sons has been making world class pianos since 1853 and has been granted 125 patents. Numerous Steinway Pianos have been re-built & restored over the last 150 years unfortunately without using Genuine Steinway soundboards, actions, hammers and pinblocks. The major parts that make a Steinway Piano, play and sound like a Steinway. Too many purchaser's of used and restored Steinway Pianos have ended up with a gorgeous Steinway Piano case containing no Steinway parts whatsoever.

BEWARE. If you decide to buy a restored or re-built Steinway Piano - Not restored by the Steinway & Sons Factory Restoration Center ... The Seller is Required to provide Full Disclosure to the Buyer including:

  1. The piano has been restored and/or re-built
  2. The Re-builder's name or Company and their location
  3. Disclosure of Any non Steinway parts

Ask the Seller to provide in writing, Proof of Purchase of all Steinway parts replaced by the Re-builder. The Re-builder's records should contain Proof of Purchase of all the parts replaced. We recommend you print out the Declaration of Steinway Parts Authenticity and request the Seller to complete the Declaration, sign it & provide you with the Original. Also hire a Steinway Qualified Piano Technician to do an inspection & authenticate the Steinway parts.

If anyone offers you a Steinway & Sons Piano for sale and claims the Piano to be an Authentic Steinway & Sons Piano when in fact it's Not - Please report the person(s) or Company doing so, to us and we will provide you with the information to report it to the Steinway & Sons Legal Department.

10 Year Full Price Paid Trade Up Plan

Buy a New or Used Piano from Piano Gallery AZ and if at anytime during the next 10 Years, you decide to Trade In your piano, we will apply a trade in credit for the Amount you Originally Paid for your piano, toward the purchase of a New Trade Up Piano.

Piano Gallery offers some of the Finest New & High End Pre Owned Pianos made in the World to Trade Up to.

Buy your Piano from Scottsdale Piano Gallery and lock-in your trade-in value, to use for a down payment on your next piano. You'll have 10 years to decide. See Piano Store for details.

Piano Services

  • New and Used Piano Sales

  • Institutional Piano Sales

  • Trade Ins are Welcome

  • Professional Piano Delivery

  • Used Pianos Can Be Shipped

  • Shipping & Crating Services

  • New & Used Piano Financing Oac

  • Piano Consignment - Sell a Piano

  • Rent a Concert Grand Piano by the Day or by the Week

  • Concert Artists Piano Rentals including Delivery, Set Up & Pick Up

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Used Player Pianos

Piano Brand Name

  • Steinway Piano
  • Yamaha Piano
  • Disklavier
  • Petrof Piano
  • Roland Piano
  • QRS Player Systems

Player Piano For Sale
used player pianos

Used Baby Grand Piano

Piano Brand Name

  • Yamaha Piano
  • Steinway Baby Grand Piano
  • Boston Piano
  • Essex Baby Grand Piano
  • Kimball Piano
  • Brodmann Baby Grand Piano
  • Baldwin Piano
  • Wm Knabe Piano
  • Roland Piano

Baby Grand Piano For Sale
used baby grand pianos

Used Concert Grand Piano

Piano Brand Name

  • Steinway Concert Grand Piano
  • Yamaha Piano
  • Boston Piano
  • Mason Hamlin Piano
  • Yamaha Piano
  • Nordiska Piano

Concert Grand Piano For Sale
used concert grand piano

Used Grand Piano

Piano Brand Name

  • Steinway Piano
  • Yamaha Piano
  • Boston Piano
  • Essex Piano
  • Mason Hamlin Piano
  • Baldwin Piano
  • Wurlitzer Piano
  • Weber Piano
  • Kimball Piano

Grand Piano For Sale
used grand pianos

Used Upright Piano

Piano Brand Name

  • Steinway Piano
  • Yamaha Piano
  • Kawai Piano
  • Boston Piano
  • Essex Piano
  • Wurlitzer Piano
  • Roland Piano

Upright Piano For Sale
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