used baby grand piano sale

baby grand piano sale

Baby Grand Piano for Sale

Baby Grand Pianos are 5′ to 5′ 6″ in length. The length of the space needed for a Baby Grand Piano, is the length of the Baby Grand Plus 2 feet for the bench. All Baby Grand Pianos are within 1 to 3 inches of 5 feet in Width.

The floor space needed for a 5′ 1″ Baby Grand Piano would be 5′ wide by 7′ 1″ long including 2′ for the bench. Baby Grand Pianos fit in most homes and will produce enough volume to fill a large room.

essex baby grand piano

Baby Grand Piano for Sale

Kewazinga Bubinga Wood
used baby grand piano sale

Essex Baby Grand Piano, Model EGP 155, 5′ 1″ in West African Kewazinga Bubinga Wood.

essex baby grand piano

Designed by Steinway & Sons, the Essex Baby Grand Piano is wider in the tail, allowing for a larger soundboard & producing a richer sound.

used baby grand piano sale

Introduced by Steinway in October of 2000, the Essex Baby Grand Piano is, quite simply, the best piano available in its price range.

used baby grand pianos sale

Come Play and Compare a Steinway Designed, Essex Baby Grand Piano, before you decide to buy any Piano. See, hear and feel the difference in quality and craftsmanship.

Gorgeous Crown Jewel in the highly desirable Bubinga Wood from West Africa. On Sale Now. Call Us Now for a Same Day Appointment Time or Schedule a Future Appointment Date. Select Essex for Piano Specifications.

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baby grand piano comparison

Compare Baby Grand Pianos

There are over 12,000 individual parts that make up a Grand Piano. The action for just 1 key is made up of over 57 individual parts (so for 88 keys that’s 4,500 parts). Additionally, there are over 1,000 adjustments that can be made to the Action alone.

Every piano has it's own individual characteristics & so do you.

Piano Gallery is offering the opportunity for you to come play and compare as many different pianos as you wish. Undisturbed by another pianist playing and you will not be followed around or pressured by a piano salesperson. Bring your favorite music.

Just you and the pianos. There's no better way to discovery what characteristics you like or don't like about a piano. Find a New Piano or a Pre Owned Arizona Piano, that Sounds Good and Feels Good.

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brodmann baby grand piano

Used Baby Grand Piano for Sale

Brodmann Baby Grand Piano

brodmann baby grand piano

2011 Brodmann Baby Grand Piano, 5′ 4″ Polished Ebony.

brodmann baby grand piano

European designed Baby Grand Piano.

used brodmann baby grand piano sale

This Brodmann Baby Grand Piano was sold new in Arizona. One Owner.

brodmann baby grand piano

Mint† Condition, Tech Certified, artist bench, 5-year warranty, 10-year trade up.

Come play this Used Baby Grand Piano and see for yourself how it compares to other Famous Brand Name Baby Grand Pianos. Make it a Player. Email or Call for price and info.

used baby grand           baby grand piano           brodmann baby grand piano

knabe baby grand piano

Pre Owned Baby Grand Piano For Sale

Wm Knabe Baby Grand Piano,
Baltimore Series - Model WG(Special) 54(Nickel)

used baby grand piano for sale

2016 Wm Knabe Pre Owned Baby Grand Piano. 5′ 4″ long, WGS 54N in like New condition.

knabe baby grand piano

Satin Ebony finish with Bubinga wood & Nickel accents. Gorgeous Modren Vintage

baby grand piano

Round piano legs, carved music desk & lyre. Nickel pedals, castors & hardware. Slow close Fallboard, Matching Bench. One Owner, purchased in Scottsdale, AZ new. MSRP $26,595. Asking Price $10,999 OBO

Install an "Original Artist Recordings" QRS Player System and Make It a Baby Grand Player Piano.

Wm Knabe Piano WG 54 Features

knabe baby grand piano           pre owned baby grand piano for sale


Kawai Baby Grand Piano

Kawai GL Series Model 10

kawai baby grand piano sale

Kawai Baby Grand Piano, Model GL 10, 5′ polished ebony.

kawai baby grand piano

Brand New Kawai Baby Grand Piano with a 10 Year Warranty. Millennium III Action.

kawai baby grand piano for sale

Concert key buttons are doubled in length for Maximum energy transfer & power. Come play and feel the touch of a Kawai Baby Grand Piano with the Millennium III Action. On Sale Now at Piano Gallery.

kawai baby grand piano           kawai baby grand piano for sale
steinway baby grand piano sale

Used Baby Grand Piano For Sale

Steinway Baby Grand Piano - Model S

steinway baby grand piano

1936 Steinway Baby Grand Piano, 5′ 1″ in length, Gorgeous American Walnut.

baby grand piano for sale

Made in the USA. Plays & Looks like New. Very well maintained piano.

steinway baby grand piano

Original Steinway Baby Grand Piano, matching bench, 5 year warranty & a ten-year trade up.

Advanced Student Piano. Buy to Trade Up. Give your student some time to accomplish the piano and give yourself time to save up some money for a New Steinway Grand Piano.

Buy a piano from Piano Gallery and At Anytime, for 10-years, you will get the same amount you paid for your piano, as a trade-in-credit toward a new piano. Trade in value will not depreciate for 10 years. It's smarter then paying retail for a depreciating new/used piano or a rental piano, knowing all along it will not be worth what you paid for it when you trade it in.

When your student is ready for a larger grand piano. A New Steinway Grand Piano is the best way to reward them and boost their enthusiasm. You'll have 10 years to decide and save. Contact Piano Gallery for complete details. Come play this 5′ 1″ Authenic Steinway Baby Grand Piano. Askng Price: $26,989 or Make an Offer Online.

steinway baby grand piano
used steinway baby grand piano
mini baby grand piano

Mini Baby Grand Piano for Sale

Kimball La Petite Baby Grand Piano

mini baby grand piano

Kimball, La Petite Baby Grand Piano, 4′ 4″ in Satin Ebony.

petite baby grand piano

88 keys and a wood action, acoustic Mini Baby Grand Piano.

mini baby grand piano for sale

This Kimball 4′ 4″ Mini Baby Grand Piano will easily fit in an apartment, a condo or any small room.

mini baby grand piano

This light weight, Mini Baby Grand Piano will fit in a mobile home or a large travel trailer.

Mint† Condition, bench, warranty and a 10-year trade up. Made by Kimball in the USA. Book an Appointment. Call for Price and more information.

mini grand piano           petite baby grand piano

baldwin baby grand piano

Baby Grand Piano for Sale

Baldwin Baby Grand Piano

baldwin baby grand piano

Baldwin Baby Grand Piano, 5′ 4″ in a gorgeous walnut.

baby grand piano

Arizona Baby Grand Piano, one owner.

baldwin baby grand piano for sale

This Baldwin 5′ 4″ Baby Grand Piano is in Mint† Condition. Includes matching bench, warranty and a 10-year trade up. Made in the USA by Baldwin. Call for Price or more information.

used baby grand           baby grand piano           brodmann baby grand piano