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Grand Piano

Grand Pianos measure 5′ 7″ thru 6′ 9¾″ in length. All grand pianos are within 1-3 inches of 5′ in Width. Depending upon the length of the grand piano, add 2′ for the bench and that equals the total length of the space required to fit in a room. A 6′ Grand Piano would require a space 5′ Wide by 8′ Long.

New & Used Grand Pianos

Below are some of the Pre Owned Grand Pianos for Sale. We offer New Grand Pianos by Steinway and Sons, Boston Piano & Essex Piano.

Come visit our showroom, play and compare Used Grand Pianos & New Grand Pianos side by side, undisturbed. Discover what you like and don't like about a Grand Piano. Don't make a chore out of finding a Grand Piano that sounds good and feels good.

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  • All Used Pianos Can Be Shipped

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steinway grand piano

Grand Piano for Sale

Used Steinway Grand Piano  ▬  Steinway Model O 5′ 10¾″

used grand piano for sale

2014 Steinway Grand Piano, Model O. Satin Ebony 5′ 10¾″, Mint‡ Condition.

grand pianos

Purchased new in Arizona in late 2014. One Owner. Piano is perfect.

steinway grand piano

Includes an artist bench, a warranty and a 10-year trade up plan.

used grand piano

A Must See and Play grand piano. Don't let this, Like New, Used Steinway Grand Piano slip away. New York Retail Price New is $94,000.

You can Save Tens of Thousands. Stop by, for the Best Prices & play this gorgeous instrument Today. Select Steinway for Specifications.

used grand piano           used grand piano for sale           steinway grand piano

Baldwin Used Grand Piano for Sale

5′ 8″ - White Grand Piano

white grand pianos

1990 Baldwin Used Grand Piano, Model R, 5′ 8″ in a beautiful polished white.

used pianos for sale

Includes matching bench, a warranty & a 10 year trade up plan.

used grand pianos for sale

This Baldwin Used Grand Piano is in Perfect Condition and plays like new.

baldwin grand piano for sale

Asking $12,999 OBO. Come see and play this gorgeous Baldwin Used Grand Piano before it's gone. Made in USA.

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essex piano

Essex Grand Piano

Designed by Steinway & Sons

grand piano for sale

Essex Grand Piano, Model EGP 173, 5′ 8″ Long by 59½″ Wide in satin ebony.

essex grand piano

Designed by Steinway & Sons, the Essex wide-tail design on all Essex Grands allows for a larger soundboard.

grand pianos for sale

The special rim reveals the Steinway design behind the Essex. Solid premium spruce soundboard.

used grand pianos

Every Essex Piano is inspected by Steinway technicians before it leaves the factory. We invite you to play and compare the value of the Steinway Designed, Essex Pianos. On Sale Now at the Piano Gallery. Select Essex for More Information & Specifications.

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steinway grand piano

Used Steinway Grand Piano

5′ 10″ - Steinway Model L

steinway model l

1996 Used Steinway Grand Piano, Model L, 5′ 10″ in satin ebony.

pre-owned grand piano

Purchased New in Arizona in 1996, one owner.

steinway grand pianos

This Used Steinway Grand Piano is Mint‡ & in absolute Pristine condition.

Plays just beautifully. Made in USA.

used steinway grand pianos

Piano cost $86,000 New. Asking $49,999. Stop by and play this gorgeous Used Steinway Grand Piano and make an offer. Trade-Ins are OK. Contact Us for More Information.

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steinway grand piano

Used Grand Piano

Used Steinway Grand Piano - 6′ 2″ - Steinway Model A

grand piano model a

Steinway Grand Piano, Model A, in polished ebony.

steinway grand piano

Mint‡ Condition, includes artist bench, trade up plan and a warranty.

preowned grand piano

Sounds like a Concert Grand Piano.

used steinway grand piano

This 6′ 2″, Used Steinway Grand Piano, can project it's wonderful sound and fill the largest of rooms. Request More Information. Select Steinway for Specifications.

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steinway piano comparison

Find The Perfect Steinway & Sons Grand Piano

There are over 12,000 individual parts that make up a Grand Piano. The action for just 1 key is made up of over 57 individual parts (so for 88 keys that’s 4,500 parts). Additionally, there are over 1,000 adjustments that can be made to the Action alone. Every piano has it's own individual characteristics & so do you.

The Piano Gallery offers the opportunity for you to come play and compare as many different Pre Owned & New Pianos as you wish. Hear the Sound of New Piano Strings, Feel the Touch of the C & A, Touring Concert Artists, Piano Actions or just Relax, Listen & be Entertained by the different Player Pianos. Undisturbed by another pianist playing and not followed or pressured by a piano salesperson. Bring your favorite music.

Just you and the pianos. There's no better way for you to discovery what characteristics you like or don't like about a piano.

Schedule a Private Piano Comparison Appointment. Call Today.

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Weber Grand Piano for Sale

6′ - White Grand Piano

white piano for sale

1997 Weber Used Grand Piano, Model WG-60, 6 ft. in polished white.

white grand piano sale

This Used Grand Piano is in Mint† Condition. Tech Certified,

used white piano

Includes a white bench, a warranty & a 10-Year Trade up plan.

white piano

Adds beauty to any room. Asking $12,999 OBO. Come in, play and Make an Offer.

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Mason Hamlin Grand Piano

Used Grand Piano for Sale

pre owned grand piano

Mason Hamlin Grand Piano, 5′ 8″ finished in a Classic American Walnut.

used mason hamlin grand piano

Tech Certified, Excellent Condition & it Plays Great. Made in the USA.

mason hamlin grand piano

New bench, maroon felt, 10-year Trade-up & warranty.

grand piano for sale

Asking $8,999 Or Best Offer. Buy this Mason Hamlin for a student, then at Anytime for up to 10-years Trade Up. Reward your student for their progress and get the Same Amount you Paid in trade in credit toward a new or newer piano. Visit piano store for details. Come Play this extremely well maintained Mason Hamlin Grand Piano and Make an Offer.

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