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Concert Grand Piano for Sale

Concert Grand Pianos and Semi Concert Grand Pianos are the longest Pianos measuring between 6′ 10″ to 9′ 6″ or longer in length. The large soundboards with longer strings project much more volume.

The Steinway Concert Grand Piano, Model D has the power and projection to be heard in a 2,000 seat concert hall, without the aid of a microphone.

Concert Grand Pianos are not just for auditoriums, they are preferred in larger homes. Come play and compare Concert Grand Pianos and Semi Concert Grand Pianos. Feel the resonance of the piano strings touch you like never before.

used concert grand piano for sale

Steinway Piano Rentals

Rent a Steinway Concert Grand Piano

Rent a Steinway Concert Grand Piano by the day or by the week. Make reservations to rent a 9′ 2″ Steinway Concert Grand Piano, Model D, for your next special occasion.

Rental Pianos are available for corporate events, private party's, concert halls or Performing Artist. Delivery, tuning & piano pick up available.

Advanced Reservations Required. Call or Email & make a reservation to Rent a Grand Piano for your upcoming special event.

concert grand pianos           concert grand pianos
steinway concert grand pianos

Steinway Concert Grand Piano for Sale

Steinway Model D for Sale

concert grand piano for sale

Steinway Concert Grand Piano, Model D. At 9′ 2″ is the ultimate performance piano.

used concert grand piano

Steinway Concert Grand Piano is three years new. Only played when Steinway Concert Artists are in Phoenix.

steinway concert grand

The Steinway Concert Grand Piano, Model D is the preferred choice by more then 98% of the Worlds Finest Touring Concert Pianists.

steinway model d

Priced tens of thousands below the New York Retail Price of $176,300. Schedule an Appointment with Piano Gallery and spend some time playing this fantastic instrument. Select the Steinway & Sons Harp to Read More on

steinway concert grand pianos for sale           used steinway concert grand           used steinway concert grand piano

boston grand piano

Used Semi Concert Grand Piano For Sale

Boston Semi Concert Grand - Performance Edition 7′ ½″

semi concert grand piano

Steinway announced the Boston Piano in 1991. Then 18 years later in 2009, Steinway introduced the Performance Edition - Boston Pianos - Designed by Steinway, which now include six Steinway & Sons patents in their construction.

used semi concert grand piano

Hard Rock Maple Rim with Bubinga wood veneer inside. Solid Sitka spruce soundboard. Black Felt. Rose Gold Plate.

used concert grand piano for sale

The Boston Grand Piano uses six Steinway patents in it's construction. One might say the Boston Grand Piano has the DNA of Steinway & Sons. Includes the Steinway & Sons Company, Backed, Steinway Promise.

The Boston Grand Model 215, at 7′ ½″ is a serious performance piano. Make an Appointment to come play this Boston Semi Concert Grand Piano today and find out for yourself. Read More About the Boston Concert Piano & it's Specifications.

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used steinway concert grand piano sale

Semi Concert Grand Piano for Sale

Steinway Model B

steinway sons concert grand piano

1983 Steinway Model B, 6′ 10½″ in Satin Ebony.

pre owned concert grand pianos

Artist Steinway Concert Grand Piano for sale. Originally assigned to AZ.

steinway model b

This Steinway Model B is a one of a kind Grand Piano. Made in USA.

steinway model b

A Steinway Concert Grand Piano Model D is provided by Steinway & Sons for Qualified touring Concert Artist to perform on. Steinway and Sons does not pay Performing Concert Artists to play Steinway Grand Pianos, nor provide a piano at their home.

A Performing Concert Artist must personally own a Steinway & Sons piano. A Young Performing Concert Artist can personally own a Steinway Grand Piano, a Boston Piano or an Essex Piano, designed by Steinway & Sons.

steinway concert artist

98% Percent of Performing Concert Artists Prefer to play Steinway Grand Pianos. Find Out What Concert Artists Say about Steinway Grand Pianos.

used concert grand piano

Used Concert Grand Piano

Steinway Model B for Sale

steinway model b for sale

Steinway Concert Grand Piano, 6′ 11″ Steinway Model B.

used steinway concert grand piano for sale

Lightly played by Steinway Artists at local events, Steinway Model B, Satin Ebony, like brand new.

steinway model b

Only the finest Steinway technicians have worked on this Steinway Concert Grand Piano.

used concert grand piano for sale

New York Retail Price is $112,000. Now you can Save Tens of Thousands of dollars on a virtually new Steinway Model B. Two Steinway Model B's to choose from.

Set an Appointment to Play the Perfect Piano. Made in USA. Email Us for More Information. Read More on

used steinway concert grand piano sale           used concert grand piano           steinway concert grand piano for sale

Used Concert Grand Piano

Mason Hamlin Grand, Model BB

mason hamlin concert grand piano

2000 Mason & Hamlin Grand Piano, Model BB, 7 ft. Satin Ebony.

preowned concert grand piano

Mint† Cond. Used Concert Grand Piano is Tech Certified & concert ready.

used concert grands

Includes an artist bench, a warranty and a ten year Trade up plan.

concert grand

This Mason Hamlin Grand Piano looks & plays like new.

mason hamlin model bb

Asking Price: $56,899 OR Make an Offer on this 7′ Mason Model BB. Book an Appointment to Play and experience the bass resonance of a Mason Hamlin Grand Piano. Made in USA.

mason hamlin grand piano model bb           mason hamlin grans piano


Yamaha Grand Piano for Sale

Yamaha Model C6X

yamaha concert grand piano

Yamaha Grand Piano, 7′ Model C6 X, in polished ebony. Made in Japan.

yamaha grand piano

The Yamaha Model C6X incorporates technics only found in the Yamaha CFX.

yamaha c6x grand piano

New in 2014, Mint† condition, Warranty, 10 Year Trade Up and a bench. Book an Appointment to come play and feel the newly designed Yamaha Grand Piano C6X.

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Find The Perfect Piano

There are over 12,000 individual parts that make up a Grand Piano. The action for just 1 key is made up of over 57 individual parts (so for 88 keys that’s 4,500 parts). Additionally, there are over 1,000 adjustments that can be made to the Action alone. Every piano has it's own individual characteristics & so do you.

Piano Gallery is offering the opportunity for you to come play and compare as many different pianos as you wish. Undisturbed by another pianist playing and you will not be followed around or pressured by a piano salesperson. Bring your favorite music book.

Just you and the pianos. There's no better way to discovery what characteristics you like or don't like about a piano. Schedule a Piano Comparison Appointment. Find the Perfect Piano. Call Now.

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Nordiska Semi Concert Grand Piano

7′ Semi Concert Grand Piano for Sale

semi concert grands

2001 Nordiska Semi Concert Grand Piano. 7′ in length, polished ebony.

semi concert grands for sale

Nordiska Piano was founded in Sweden over 100 years ago.

nordiska grand piano

Previous Owner was a Music Teacher in Phoenix, AZ

nordiska grand pianos

Make an Appointment to play this very well maintained Semi Concert Grand Piano OR Make an Offer.