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Sell My Piano

Piano Consignment

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If you have a Quality Piano to Sell, the Piano Gallery takes a limited number of Pianos in on Consignment. Consigning a Piano is subject to available showroom floor space, marketability, condition, pricing and must pass inspection by Certified Piano Technicians. The Seller and the Buyer both Benefit when a piano is consigned to and purchased from the Piano Gallery. The Benefits provided by the Piano Gallery Consignment Store program are Unavailable, when compared to a Private Party Sale, a Used Piano Store or a Consignment Store. Not all pianos qualify for the Piano Gallery Piano Consignment program.

Consign My Piano

Selling Advantages & Value Added Services

Our Piano Consignment Store Plan increases the value and marketability of your Piano. Consigning your Piano to the Piano Gallery assures the Secure Transfer of Ownership of a Tech Certified Quality, Reliable Pre Owned Piano to the Buyers. A Warranty and a 10-Year, Price Paid, Trade-Up Plan are both provided to the Buyer of a piano consigned and sold by the Piano Gallery. The Seller is released from any responsibility or obligation to deliver, repair, tune or service their Consigned Piano, after it's successful sale by the Piano Gallery.

Whether you are the Seller of a piano OR a Buyer looking to buy a quality piano from a private party, you won't find a better deal then a piano consigned to the Piano Gallery.

We ask Sellers, Please Do Not Clean Your Piano Before Consigning It. Piano Gallery will detail or clean your piano after your piano is approved and picked up for consignment. In addition, a consigned piano is inspected, tuned, regulated, voiced, pedals are adjusted, other adjustments and minor repairs are made as needed. The piano is then Tech Certified.

Piano Consignment Comparison

Below is a Comparison of Piano Gallery's Consignment Store program to a Private Party Sale, a Used Piano Store and a Consignment Store. The comparison chart shows a Seller's typical expenses and the obligations required to sell their piano by Owner. The comparison chart also shows the selling Advantages a Seller will have and the Benefits a Buyer will receive when they purchase a Piano Consigned to the Piano Gallery.

Consignment Pianos

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How To Consign My Piano

Pianos Less Than 15 Years Old

If your piano is 15 years old or younger simply Call or Email the Piano Gallery. Tell us about your piano and request that your piano be considered for consignment.

Piano Gallery reserves the option to have a Piano Technician inspect the Sellers piano, where it's located, before arranging for the piano pick up or agreeing to consign the Sellers piano.

Pianos must pass the Technician's inspection report to be considered for the consignment piano services and benefits.

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Pianos 16 to 25 Years Old

If your piano is over 15 years old but Not More then 25 years old, please submit the Request for Piano Consignment form below to have your Piano considered for consignment.

piano consignments

We reserve the right to inspect the Sellers piano, where it's located, before arranging the pick up or agreeing to consign the Sellers piano. All pianos must pass inspection and be approved.

Pianos Over 25 Years Old

Any Piano over 25 years in age will only be considered if the Piano has been rebuilt and the re builder records are available. Give us a Call.

Piano Gallery reserves the right to decline any piano submitted for consignment. Proof of Ownership or Purchase must be provided to consign a Piano, or sell a Piano to the Piano Gallery.